Ensalada Nuovo Andina 14
Baby greens, quinoa, fresco cheese, onions, wontons, Aji Amarillo vinaigrette

Roasted Beet Salad 15
Mariquita Farm beets, choclo, cancha, Feta cheese, olives, cucumber, Mochica vinaigrette 

Ceviche Pescado 22
Fresh fish in lime juice-aji rocoto leche de tigre

Ceviche Chifa 24
Ahi tuna, ginger, scallions, rocoto, cucumber, sweet chilli sauce, toasted nori

Costillita de Chancho 18
Crispy pork spareribs, Inca Kola-BBQ sauce, Jicama salad

Platano maduro frito 11
Tamarine reduction, canela molida

Tequeños 15
Crispy wontons stuffed with Oaxaca cheese, avocado, tamarindo sauce  

Bolitas de Yucca 15
Maiz cancha crusted yucca balls with ham & cheese, Huancaina dipping sauce

Camarones Crocantes 17
Quinoa crusted wild Mexican shrimp, sweet potato puree and salsa dulce

Mac n Cheese 15
Mike’s Applewood smoked bacon, aged cheddar, Huancaina, herbed breadcrumbs

Scallops Carlitos 18
Pan seared Day Boat scallops, Tiradito sauce

Yucca Fries 12
Huancaina Sauce, queso Rayado

Empanadas de la Casa 13
Fresh pastry made from scratch (Hechos en Casa)
Chicken   Mushroom   Beef  

Chicharrones 16
Fried & crispy, marinated in our special sauce, rocoto aioli, lemon
Chicken   Calamari   Mushroom 

Anticuchos 18
Peruvian skewers inspired by kart street vendors
Chicken   Pork Belly   Corazon    


“Ask your server for Special of the day”

Tuna Tartare 20

Sushi grade  ahí tuna, chili, quinoa, choclo, lime, avocado, yuca chips, tiradito sauce

Pulpito a la Parilla 19

Twice cooked Baby octopus, purple mashed potato, chimichurri sauce

Ceviche Mixto 25

Jumbo prawns, calamari, scallop, blue mussel, local catch, aji amarillo leche de tigre


Pescado a lo Macho 28
Seafood bouillabaisse, pan roasted fresh Salmon, Chupe sauce, coconut rice   

Aji de Gallina 23
Marys Free Range organic chicken, creamy aji amarillo, potato, calamata olives  

Lomo Saltado 25
Stir fried beef fillet, lomo saltado sauce, fries, rice Add fried egg 2

Pollo Saltado 21

Chancho de Adobado 25
Sneak River pork shoulder, Peruvian peppers, yucca fries and berros

Seco de Res 25
Carmelized short ribs, lima beans, seco sauce, rice, Huacaina sauce

Chaufa Pork Belly 23
Peruvian fried rice, pork belly, egg, asparagus, hoisin, aji Amarillo, wild mushrooms

Seafood Paella 27
Peruvian style, Bomba rice, mussels, shrimp, calamari in saffron-fish stock base

Salmon Bandido 26
King Salmon, grilled, blue mashed potato and Escabeche  

Tuna Nuovo Andino 26
Pan seared fresh Ahí tuna, chickpea, tacu- tacu, platano, fritto, salsa criola, curry sauce

Quinotto 22
Peruvian quinoa, roasted seasonal vegetables, Soffrito, creamy Huancaina, queso Fresco


“Chef Altamirano’s passion for combining the highest quality Ingredients with traditional Peruvian spices and cooking techniques is showcased in his take on this famous Peruvian dish.”

Mary’s Organic rotisserie chicken marinated in our famous Peruvian seasonings.
Comes with choice of french fries, or salad.
Comes with 2 sauces (Huancaina & Chimichurri)
½ Chicken 20 / Whole Chicken 36

Limited Availability


Sauteed spinach with garlic  8

Sweet potato fries 8

French fries 8

Vegetable salteado 9 

Jasmine rice 4

Side Yuca Chips 4

Coconut rice 4

Side of any sauce 2 

We support local vendors & source the freshest, sustainable fish, shellfish, & produce, and organic meats for our unique cuisine consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

Pricing and item availability subject to change without notice.